The Housing Bubble Avoid Foreclosure and Bankruptcy with Credit Repair


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The Housing Bubble Avoid Foreclosure and Bankruptcy with Credit Repair

By Tad MacPherson

The American people have been walking to the edge of an economic cliff for years now and the moment of truth has arrived. Investors and creative financing options are the two key components in creating what many economists consider to be the largest housing bubble in history. For those of you at risk in these uncertain times I have some suggestions that may make the difference between survival and financial ruin.

First, look at what investors are doing. They are selling their properties and either taking their profits or cutting their losses. If you are currently in a positive position with your property you may want to consider following their lead. Secondly, if you are one of the millions of people currently in an adjustable rate mortgage loan (ARM) you must realize that you are facing increased payments of up to 100% or more in the not-to-distant future. If your loan officer did not plan an exit strategy for you I recommend utilizing some of the tools I offer on my website at Presently the housing markets are not crashing (they are deflating rapidly) but a real threat is looming and a crash may occur. Having your credit in order will be a key to weathering this storm should it persist.

Most people currently utilizing the risky ARM loans have bad credit. If you are one of these people you must take action now. Home prices are not appreciating which is essential for these ARM or interest only type loans to make sense. In order to qualify for a fixed loan at a low interest rate you need good credit. There are many simple steps you must take in order to achieve a high FICO score. Here are a few suggestions:

1.) Obtain a current copy of your credit report and subscribe to a credit monitoring service. (You can get a free credit report at my website.)

2.) Settle any outstanding debts and negotiate for their removal from your credit report.

3.) Start a campaign to dispute and remove derogatory items from your credit report.

4.) Request removal of inquiries from your credit files.

5.) Pay down your credit card balances or consolidate your debt.

6.) Request 'goodwill' removal of late payments directly from creditors.

7.) Verify and/or investigate the collection item and the agency collecting from you.

By following some or all of the tips above you could realize a huge increase in your credit score. Over the years I have compiled proven, simple and effective letters that are specific to the methods outlined above. Disputes to the bureaus are not enough. I have created the fastest, easiest and most effective credit restoration system on the market today. It only takes between thirty minutes to an hour from start to finish and will have your mailbox brimming with delightful responses from the creditors and credit bureaus alike. If you are serious about having perfect credit and minimizing your personal and financial risk I urge you to do something about it.

Tad MacPherson is a credit specialist and writer dedicated to helping consumers overcome credit challenges and create security in their lives. For valuable tools visit his website at

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The Housing Bubble Avoid Foreclosure and Bankruptcy with Credit Repair